Catching & Caring For a Stray Cat in Taiwan

Taiwanese people love animals, and they’ll do their best to care for stray cats and dogs. Most of the stray animals are well-fed and relatively healthy. Having said that, stray animals encounter all kinds of dangers; speeding vehicles, lack of proper nutrition, diseases, flees, and other issues. Adopting animals is encouraged, and there are plenty […]

How to Use YouBike in Taiwan

“Just take a YouBike there!”  Is probably something you hear often, if you’re new to Taiwan. But what is a YouBike? and how do you use one? Do they have English interface? Do you need any special documents to create an account? Continue reading to find out. YouBikes (also called UBIKES) are Taiwan’s version of […]

Is Palawan Worth it for a Vacation?

Chances are you have heard about Palawan, it’s home to the world’s best beaches after all, and you’re wondering if it’s worth a visit. I went there, so you don’t have to. Since Boracay is currently closed due to sewage issues, we were looking for the next best place in Philippines, and Palawan kept popping […]

Top Three Beaches in Taiwan:

Taiwan? Don’t you mean Thailand?  Most people who are not familiar with Taiwan assume it’s similar to Thailand or other tropical countries in South East Asia. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Taiwan and Thailand are very different, almost polar opposites, actually. One of the main differences between the two countries is Thailand has a wide […]

How to Take Care of a Rabbit in Taiwan

Planning to buy or adopt a bunny in Taiwan? Read this article to learn more about what you’re getting yourself into! Most pet shops in Taiwan sell bunnies. They’re cute and fluffy, what more could you want? But actually properly taking care of a bunny in Taiwan is a bit of challenge. Basic Needs: First […]

Qing Jing Farm & Sun Moon Lake:

When you live in Taipei, the sardine packed buildings and crowds  often make you feel claustrophobic, and you need an escape. Luckily, thanks to Taiwan’s transportation system, escaping the city is rather easy. In my case, I decided to head to Sun Moon Lake and Qin Jing Farm. I stayed at a hotel in Sun […]