How to Use YouBike in Taiwan

“Just take a YouBike there!”  Is probably something you hear often, if you’re new to Taiwan. But what is a YouBike? and how do you use one? Do they have English interface? Do you need any special documents to create an account? Continue reading to find out. YouBikes (also called UBIKES) are Taiwan’s version of […]

Top Three Beaches in Taiwan:

Taiwan? Don’t you mean Thailand?  Most people who are not familiar with Taiwan assume it’s similar to Thailand or other tropical countries in South East Asia. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Taiwan and Thailand are very different, almost polar opposites, actually. One of the main differences between the two countries is Thailand has a wide […]

Qing Jing Farm & Sun Moon Lake:

When you live in Taipei, the sardine packed buildings and crowds  often make you feel claustrophobic, and you need an escape. Luckily, thanks to Taiwan’s transportation system, escaping the city is rather easy. In my case, I decided to head to Sun Moon Lake and Qin Jing Farm. I stayed at a hotel in Sun […]

What are The Best Gyms in Taipei?

Wondering if Taipei has any decent gyms? Wondering what are the best gyms in Taipei? I tried a ton of gyms in Taipei, and I figured there wasn’t much information about them online, so hopefully this article will fill the void.  Whether  you’re planning to come to Taipei and need somewhere to work-out, or if […]

Spring Scream in Taiwan: What You Should Know

Want to know more about Spring Scream in Taiwan? This article will make it easy for you to partake in one of Taiwan’s hottest parties (literally and figuratively!) with minimal injuries and accidents. One of Taiwan’s biggest parties takes place every year during the beginning of April on the southernmost tip of Taiwan, a town […]