Is Palawan Worth it for a Vacation?

Chances are you have heard about Palawan, it’s home to the world’s best beaches after all, and you’re wondering if it’s worth a visit. I went there, so you don’t have to. Since Boracay is currently closed due to sewage issues, we were looking for the next best place in Philippines, and Palawan kept popping […]

Qing Jing Farm & Sun Moon Lake:

When you live in Taipei, the sardine packed buildings and crowds  often make you feel claustrophobic, and you need an escape. Luckily, thanks to Taiwan’s transportation system, escaping the city is rather easy. In my case, I decided to head to Sun Moon Lake and Qin Jing Farm. I stayed at a hotel in Sun […]

Okinawa: What to Expect, What to Do:

Since Okinawa is a stone’s throw from where I live, I decided to hop on an airplane full of screaming babies to check out the island. If you always wanted to visit Okinawa, continue reading this article for a little peak into the tropical island. First Impressions: I really like Japan. My first trip to […]