How Can I Travel Often?

Eh? But Timothy, traveling is expensive AF. 

It’s actually not.

Pretty much anyone with some spare time and some extra cash can do the exact same thing I do.

But Timothy, who has spare time? 

Good question.

The reason I have spare time is because this is what I do, full-time – I don’t have a job or life.

My life is my WordPress dashboard. 

You don’t have to go to that extreme.

And if you don’t want to travel internationally, locally is cool too.

Take pictures. Make a website. Write & Share. 

(And if you’re going to make a website, use this hosting company, it’s fabulous). 

Traveling is not that hard.

I can do this because I work as a freelance writer, and I get paid over the internet.

Combine that with affiliate sales, and I can make enough to drift around.

And that’s pretty much it. 

I don’t get free shit.

I don’t get sponsored.

I don’t beg on the streets, asking people to support my travels.

I save money, pick a destination, hope on a plane, and write about it.

Simple Dimple.