What Equipment Do I Use?

Currently my equipment will probably make most professional bloggers cringe, but it works for me.

Not everyone has thousands of dollars to drop on the latest mac-book! 

When I travel, I take a few things with me: 

(Links go to my review of each individual item)

  • Shitty Android Phone
  • Budget-friendly Chromebook
  • Moldy Backpack


No mics because I’m not a vLogger!

To make videos, I use Go Pro Hero 5 Black for underwater and action shots, and my Nikon B700 for everything else.

You can’t really do much editing on the Chromebook I purchased, so I mainly use it to work and backup files to my external hard drive.

When I get home, I edit the videos and pictures on my main workstation.

So uploading videos takes awhile, but I usually add pictures to my Instagram wherever I can find Wi-fi.

And that’s it.